Shocking! Black Student Told To Say, “Yes Sir, Master” To White Teacher

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Iowa student Jabre White can either time travel or has one of the most racist teachers living in 2014.  After reading this story you would think that White had to have went back in time, because people cannot still be this ignorant in 2014.  Here’s the breakdown. The alleged incident occurred when economics teacher Shawn McCurtain told the class to go downstairs for a final exam. White replied to McCurtain by saying, “Yes, sir.” White was soon corrected by McCurtain, telling the black student to refer to him as Master.

White instantly became angry and told his teacher, “Who the %&#@ are you talking to? You’re nobody’s master, and this is not the slave days.” White’s mother, Nicholle White, contacted the school administration, but her report fell on deaf ears and no action was taken against McCurtain.  With school officials neglecting to take heed to the incident, Mrs. White went to the local paper to not only report the teacher, but to blast the school board as well for not appropriately disciplining the teacher.

Wow. Racism is alive and doing well it seems.  With the whole Donald Sterling fiasco to Justin Bieber’s racist videos, what is this nation coming to?  This is so far from the dream that Dr. Martin Luther King had. As a nation it seems as if we are taking steps backwards instead of moving forward.  What is even crazier is the fact that in the next 15-20 years more than half of our country will be made up of people of color.  What are these racists going to do when the minority becomes the majority?

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