Shocking!! Bully New York City Bus Driver Roughs Up Woman on Bus for Smoking A Cigarette! (video included)

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A Brooklyn bus driver might be walking real soon if his superiors have their way. The assault all unfolded when a woman passenger who was smoking on the bus he was operating decided she was not putting out her cigarette.

According to Fox News, the driver and other passengers requested that the woman put out her cigarette however she refused and after he told her “If he called the police she would be off the bus in a heartbeat!” The only problem with that statement was that he didn’t wait to call the police, he decided to take the law in his own hands and physically removed her from the bus and then punched her in the face according to eyewitnesses.

A passenger on the bus recorded the entire incident and turned it over to authorities.

Who said New Yorker’s were rude?


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