SHOCKING!! Drunken Mother Kills Baby then Goes Shopping with Corpse

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toyrianna_smithToyrianna Smith

A Chicago mother is being held in jail on charges of first-degree murder after reportedly beating and suffocating her son when he wouldn’t stop crying on June 22.

20-year-old Toyrianna Smith is being accused of strapping the corpse of her three-month old baby into a Baby Bjorn and going shopping after killing him.

The baby, Ken Blackman Jr., had reportedly been dead for eight to fourteen hours when Smith was finished shopping and went to visit a neighbor. The neighbor noticed blood on the baby’s blanket and that he wasn’t breathing and called 911.

Smith had been drinking at a friend’s house in Harvey, IL the night before where she spent the night with her son. She snuck out the next day before the child’s father came to pick them up, authorities said.

She told cops that she put a blanket over his head, hit him in the face and then smothered him until he stopped flailing and went quiet.

Blackman was taken to Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Smith is being held for a $1 million bond.

Source: Chicago Sun Times

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