Shocking!! Judge Sets Surprisingly Low Bail for Sandusky Case

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Jerry Sandusky released on bail for alleged underage sex crime charges.

Disturbing! Jerry Sandusky, retired Penn State assistant football coach, was arrested several days ago for allegedly committing sex crimes against eight underage boys from the mid 1990s until late 2000s. Sandusky would supposedly find his victims through his Foster Care program for troubled children known as The Second Mile. Sandusky started the foster care program as a group home for children in 1977, while coaching at Penn State. The Second Mile program has grown to a 3 state-wide charity, earning revenues of at least 100,000 dollars a year.  In 2008, Sandusky came under his first investigation at The Second Mile program and was barred from activities that involved children.

The most disturbing news of all suggests that Penn State administrators, along with legendary Head Coach, Joe Paterno knew of these horrific accusations, but refused to reprimand Sandusky properly for his actions. Sandusky has had access to all of Penn State’s facilities since his retirement.  The Second Mile Program was well entrenched at Penn State, offering its summer camp on location at the school.   According to some sources, a Graduate Assistant even witnessed Sandusky performing sexual activities with a ten year old boy in the shower at Penn State’s football facility.  The Graduate Assistant allegedly reported this to the Joe Paterno, but the only thing Joe himself did was report it to the Athletic Director, Tim Curly.  The athletic director is currently under investigation for perjury and Joe Paterno was recently let go as head coach for Penn State, which has caused quite a stir on Penn State’s campus.  The campus is now divided between supporters of Joe Paterno and Joe Paterno’s critics.

Prosecutors have released detailed reports of all accusations regarding the alleged crime.  The report has detailed statements from victims that document Sandusky’s gifts for his victims, including computers, cash, golf clubs, and other treats such as traveling to games and access to tailgate parties and football games. Some of the victims even say they stayed in Sandusky’s house and hotel with him.

In the most recent news of this scandal, Judge Leslie Dutchcot, a volunteer at The Second Mile Program, released Sandusky on an unsecured bail of 100,000 dollars when prosecutors requested a 500,000 dollars bail with a leg monitor requirement. The bail amount is only contingent if Sandusky doesn’t show up to court. The judge is currently under investigation, as it has been revealed that Judge Leslie Dutchcot volunteered for Sandusky’s Second Mile Program which may be leading to a conflict of interest. When asked about the case, Dutchcot responded “Judges are not allowed to comment on cases… We can’t comment on anything that’s pending in front of us.”


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