SHOCKING NEWS!!! Mom Tries to Sell Baby at Taco Bell

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heidi_gasawayHeidi Lynn Gasaway

As a new mother things can be very difficult. Everything changes and the whole world revolves around that newborn baby. There’s feeding, changing diapers, you’re up during late hours of the night, can’t figure out why the baby is crying and it can become frustrating at times. But frustrating to the point where you’d sell your 3-day-old baby?!!!

Heidi Lynn Gasaway of Vancouver, BC Canada stood before a judge yesterday after being accused of trying to sell her baby at a local Taco Bell. The price she was asking? Between $500 and $5000.

Gasaway had been staying just blocks away from where the arrest took place, at the Kay’s Motel  for a couple of days when she walked into Taco Bell one day, approached a woman and offered her baby for money to leave town and start a new life. After refusing, the woman alerted the police.

A close friend of hers believes she may have been suffering from postpartum depression and was trying to find a homeless shelter.

Gasaway’s father, John Knowles had paid for her to stay at the motel for two days and says he had no idea she was considering selling her child.

She will go before a judge again at the end of the month and is now facing up to five years in prison if she is convicted. She’s also facing outstanding charges for drug possession and theft out of Oregon.

Gasaway is currently still in custody with bail set at $50,000 while the baby is in protective custody.

Source: KOIN

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