Shocking News: Shannon Price Sells Gary Coleman’s Death Photos to Tabloid – How Low Can You Go?

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The late actor Gary Coleman’s body is not even cold in his grave (actually he has not even been buried yet) and it is now being reported that his ex-wife Shannon Price has brokered a deal to sell images of his final life on earth while he was on life support in his hospital room. According to our source the photos will hit the newsstands in a couple of days and for the record Hip Hop Enquirer Magazine will not be running any of the images once they become available.

In her first televised interview after the death of Gary Coleman, his ex-wife Shannon Price spoke to ABC’s “Good Morning America” about the circumstances leading up to his fatal brain hemorrhage at their home in Sataquin, Utah.

“I asked him if he could make me some food and he went downstairs and I heard this big smack. I rushed down there and found him lying in a pool of blood,” she said in the interview that aired Monday. Price said that speculation that she pushed Coleman is untrue. “People can say whatever they want. I know the truth,” she said. “I would never hurt my husband, ever.”

“I was with him down there the whole time. Seeing him in a pool of blood was difficult,” she said. “If it was someone else in my situation I am sure they wouldn’t know what to do either.”

Price, who arrived for her interview in a wheelchair and had to stop speaking when she thought she might be suffering a seizure, told “GMA” she is happy that Coleman is no longer alive suffering.

“We discussed death a few times and he always said he would be very unfair if he stayed with me left me and I really respect that,” Price said “because I loved him and he loved me and we just can’t live without each other.”

Regarding their secret divorce, Price said they had intended to remarry and was struggling with health and financial problems.

“We had a lot of disagreements but he hated the ground I walked on we loved each other, it was golden,” she said.

After Coleman was taken to hospital, Price said doctors had advised her it was “the best thing for him” to turn off the life support machine he had been placed on at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

Editor’s message to Shannon Price:

I don’t believe one word out of your mouth about him just accidently falling so while you think that you are fooling the world with your farfetched story about him just falling and you were NO where around when it happened is laughable.

You were so traumatized to the point you could not give him first aid but now you are making a profit off his death by selling photos of him while on life support is sad and heartless. Whose idea was it in the first place to bring a camera in his room and take the photo? Was that already pre-arranged? Hopefully you won’t meet the same fate as Mr. Coleman.


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