Shocking!! Rapper Joe Budden Accused of Abusing Ex-Girlfriend Esther Baxter Then Makes Song About it!

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Esther Baxter & Joe Budden

New Jersey rapper Joe Budden and video vixen Esther Baxter’s toxic ex-relationship has been a hot topic of discussion for quite some time now. But it wasn’t until a blog posted graphic photos of Baxter’s miscarried embryo that initiated uproar on twitter leading to protesters working for a boycott of the blog.

In a recent post entitled “Esther Baxter: ‘Joe Budden Killed Our Baby’” posted pictures of a bruised Esther Baxter and aborted embryo in the toilet.

She then sat down with Bossip to give her side of the story and explain what happened on the night Joe speaks about in his song “No Ordinary Love Sh*t Pt.3,” the same night that she claims she lost their daughter.

 In response, Joe sat down with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club denying allegations that he caused the miscarriage saying “Esther was a high risk.” He continued on to say “Those pictures are probably doctored” in regards to the bruised photos.

The two have been broken up since February.



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