Shocking Video: Cleveland Man Shot 16 Times Denied Emergency Assistance by Nearby EMS Workers

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Ny Daily News reports EMS workers in Ohio refused to come to the aid of a man who was shot 16 times because he had crossed just over a city border in his car, video shows.

The incident took place on Jan. 14 after a man was repeatedly shot in his vehicle in Cleveland, but had driven across the street into Euclid.

“Please take me to the hospital,” the victim can be heard pleading after cops arrived on the scene.

“They got EMS coming but they’re coming from South Euclid,” one cop can be heard saying to colleagues in newly-released video. “Can we see if one of our guys can come over here a little faster?”

The victim can be heard screaming as police tried to help.

“Our EMS won’t come,” police can be heard saying. “Their EMS is coming from South Euclid. That’s why I asked if they would come over here.

“They won’t come because it’s in your city. Even though it’s our victim they won’t come,” a cop says.

 Police would rush the wounded man to a nearby hospital. He survived the shooting, but his condition is not known.A witness told cops that she saw a suspect firing at her boyfriend with an “assault rifle.” Authorities were later told that the victim was shot 16 times, including multiple wounds in the chest, the right knee, the right shoulder, the right hand, the left knee and the left foot.

The city of Cleveland is investigating whether rules were violated, according to

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