@Tip Confirms He Is Dissing On His Record “Addresses” & Talks Directly To His Opponent In Interview! (Video Inside)

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So in a recent interview on Shade 45 with the infamous DJ Drama, a rather heated T.I. talked about his song “Addresses”, which appears to be a diss to someone. But who though? Here’s what Tip had to say:

It was direct. Now, the thing about who it was directed to – it benefits him more than me for me to put that out there. So I made that directly in a way that only they will no. Therefore, so they cannot get any shine off of it.

T.I.P. touched on the fact that him calling out this rapper by name would be nothing but a gift to the artist, and predicts a lot of other rappers will believe he’s coming at them. So, they’ll more than likely jump into the fire just to try to boost their own reputations.

I’ma make a prediction… There shall be a few rappers that feel they will be benefited by accepting that burden, and they will step into that line of fire, knowing it is not them, but they will feel it is better for them to step into that line of fire, be hit and receive the benefits that come with being hit by a T.I. bullet. It’ll be the greatest thing that ever happened to them in their lives.

Ticked off, T.I. continued to address the John Doe Foe.

It brings me great pain to say, had it not been for their outright, direct disrespect and disregard for the G code, and what is known to all to be real… they lack all integrity. Trap Music is a genre that I created, homes! Before me, it was Lil Jon, Crunk Music, and OutKast! You don’t fit in nowhere! The closest thing that come to what you do is what I created, homie. So for you to come out your face bad about me, dog, when I ain’t never do nothin’ but try and help you and niggas like you? …And you tryin’ to come at me that way? …You deserve everything coming to you.

We wonder who the Kang is referring to in this interview?? I have a guess, but I won’t say any names. Brrrrr!

Watch the interview below found at HipHopSince1987 :

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