Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa Get Kicked Out of School

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 Snoop-Dogg-Wiz-Khalifa-580x435-thumb-550x254Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa

The Students of Mira Costa High were enthused to have both West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg and rapper Wiz Khalifa filming on their school grounds. The kush-loving duo was shooting a music video for their collaboration “High School,” which is a track straight off their upcoming full-length film. The Manhattan Beach Unified School District did, indeed, sign a shooting permit with the Loop Productions film crew, later being handed to The Yard Entertainment.

The comedic movie was to be rated-G and “about the typical life of a high school student” states Dr. Steve Romines, Asst. Superintendent. Instead of a wholesome cookie-cutter high school student, the movie depicted the “True Life” of a typical teenage high school student—the smoked out weed head.

“It was a mistake that we made and we need to review our practices to beef them up and to see if there’s some way to determine this kind of deception beforehand,” Romines said Friday. “With the budget cuts our school systems have been facing, filming (May 8-10) for appx. $3,000/per day was a great way to bring some revenue into the school.”

“The concept of the movie has been done before, but perhaps shooting at a private location would have been more sufficed.”

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