Somaya Reece Responds to Erica Mena’s Taco Comment… Calls Erica “Classless”

| January 26, 2012 | 0 Comments caught up with Somaya Reece after the Season 2 Finale of Love & Hip Hop, and asked her about the video circulating the web where Erica Mena says that the one word she can use to describe Somaya would be “tacos”.  Somaya fired back saying the one word she can use to describe Erica would be “classless”. We can’t disagree with that one too much. Here’s what Somaya had to say:

“It’s saddens me that she’s ashamed of her Latin culture. I remember when I was speaking to her in Spanish on Episode 9 (bonus clip is on she began mocking it,  mocking our Spanish language that she speaks?

After years of fighting racism and equality in this country as Hispanics, to throw a “Latin stereotypical racial slur” at me like “Taco” is incredibly disappointing, ignorant and insulting to my entire Latin culture. I’m a proud Latina and continuously fight against racism, immigration laws, racial equality in the workplace and many issues regarding our culture. Considering I don’t know the child, she has made it a continuous  habit to use my name in order for her to gain relevance in the press. She doesn’t hold a credible  presence in the media unless it involves slandering or defaming  my name.  She’s not to be described in 1 word but a few. One is ‘Classless’.”

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