Someone Kall Animal Kontrol… The Kardashians Are Running Loose!

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The three horse-women of the apokolypse

As if we don’t already have enough Kardashian krap stuffed down our throats (no pun intended to Kim), the Kardashian Klan came out in full force last night at the premiere party for their latest assault on humanity in Hollywood, CA. The Kardashians will launch their “Kollection” for Sears which will hit stores (and our nerves) in the near future.

Where’s PETA with their buckets of red paint when you need them? While Kourtney looks like she just taught a strip-tease lesson at an all girl Amish school, Kim and Kourtney simultaneously competed for the the title of tackiest use of leopard print ever. Somewhere right now there’s a pride of spotless leopards wishing their skin could have gone to better use like on the living room throw rug in a 51 year old bachelor’s apartment. But noooo! Instead, those poor animals were killed so that their skin could be strecthed beyond capacity to wrap around these two’s carcASSes! A crime of nature has just been committed indeed.

In other news, animal safety patrol kept their tranquilizer guns armed & ready in case Khloe got out of hand. View the rest of the pics at your own discretion. 

Kris Jenner’s prize kash kow, Kim

The original bride of sasquatch, Khloe

Head mistress Kourtney from the
all girls school for wayward Amish strippers

The littlest Kardashian that kould, Kendall

Kim’s new katch, Kris Humphries

You think they are kissing but what’s actually happening is Kim is sucking out the remaining vestiges from Kris Humphries soul. If this picture had audio it would sound something like the slurp you hear from drinking the last few drops of soda through a straw.

Try not to stare directly into it

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