Soulja Boy Being Sued for Not Coughing Up the Dough

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Soulja-BoySoulja Boy

Atlanta, GA rapper Soulja Boy is amidst a one million dollar lawsuit along with his record label Interscope Records and MySpace Music. Joseph Brewster of TrinCity Entertainment filed the lawsuit against the three parties for a cancelled concert back in December of 2010. According to the suit, TrinCity paid an advance fee of $16,250 plus another $11,500 for radio and television advertisement and transportation to the event.

After TrinCity had promoted the event, reps from Interscope asked for the show to be cancelled, as it conflicted with a show scheduled in Hawaii the following week.

The suit claims that MySpace Music and Interscope both agreed to pay $10,000 to counterbalance the advertising costs and help promote Soulja Boy’s rescheduled concert date. But according to TrinCity, Interscope only paid $5,000 and MySpace Music paid nothing.

Furthermore, Soulja Boy never refunded the $16,250 deposit.

Brewster/TrinCity is requesting $1,000,000 in damages and breach of contract.

Source: AP

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