Is Soulja Boy Growing Up?? Drops New Mixtape The Last Crown

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Dare we say that Soulja Boy has released music that we can actually listen to without being under the influence of something that’ll make us forget how horrible his music can be? It looks like he has. Today he released The Last Crown Mixtape with a super artsy cover and tracks like “The Grind” which you can actually bear to listen to without being in the club or doing some synchronized dance to it. Cover Art & Mixtape inside.

coverThe Last Crown Cover Art

Last week Soulja posted screenshots on his Tumblr of fellow rapper, CurrenSy, tweeting him and captioned the picture “Oh Nothing. Just my favorite rapper tweeting me. Yes rappers have favorite rappers too.” Maybe CurrenSy has inspired him to put out more quality music, I mean he’s inspired me to do that and I don’t even make music! Don’t trade in Soulja Boy’s Gucci bandanas and enormous jewelry for Cosby Sweaters and Cole Haans just yet, because besides two or three tracks including “The Grind” and “Hold You Down”, it’s what we’re used to hearing from Soulja Boy, which isn’t much. Anyhow, mixtape includes appearances from Lil B and French Montana.

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