Sour Grapes? Prosecutor in the Murder Trial of OJ Simpson is Attacking Late Attorney Johnny Cochran (video inside)

| September 9, 2012

It looks like former Los Angeles Asst. Prosecutor Christopher Darden is having a hard time believing that the case against Orenthal J. Simpson aka O.J. Simpson wasn’t handled properly by his defense. Recently Darden spoke at Pace University School of Law about the handling of evidence by famous deceased attorney Johnnie Cochran.

Darden was referring to the infamous scene during which Simpson tried on the gloves that the prosecution claimed to have belonged to the killer.  Upon trying on the gloves, Simpson’s hands were clearly too big, creating a huge gap in the prosecution’s case.  This led to Cochran’s famous line, “If the gloves don’t fit, you must acquit.”

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Darden claimed that the reason the glove didn’t fit on Simpson’s hand during the demonstration is because he believed someone cut the inner lining when he put the glove on. You would think that the prosecution would have examined the glove before it was entered into evidence also doesn’t a good handling of a chain of evidence dictate that the clove in question would have been under lock and key in the prosecution’s office? Sounds like Darden hasn’t got over the loss and sadly Mr. Cochran is not around to defend himself.

The latest assertion by Darden is inconsistent with his claim during the trial. Darden previously accused Simpson of deliberating making his fingers swell during his murder trial, in preparation for the glove-fitting moment. Simpson “has arthritis and we looked at the medication he takes and some of it is anti-inflammatory and we are told he has not taken the stuff for a day and it caused swelling in the joints andinflammation in his hands”, he told the Judge during the case.

Not a good look Mr. Darden.


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