Special Bulletin: B Stacks Taking No Crap

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The potential to have a hip hop scene for the masses out of the Carolinas might be considered impossible. B-Stack$ thinks it’s bullshit.

Comin’ from Durham, NC, Stack$ believes he has what it takes to be a crownholder. He’s determined to be a boss; the self-proclaimed “Product of the South.” He’s the face, president, and business partner of Faculty Entertainment. He laced 14 of 17 tracks on his 2008 debut mixtape appearance, Death B4 Dishonor: Vol. 2. His buzz caught the attention of Atlanta’s own DJ Scream, who even hosted the underground rap king’s mixtape, Code Red: 114. Stack$ just might be onto something. “I want to be an artist – not a rapper. I’m tryin’ to bring you a feelin’. I’m a new artist with a new sound.”

Stack$ is a Don Juan on “Sensational Ryder” or the hypeman at the party with the organ-drenched “A What It Is” or “Bounce Back.” His latest single and anthem, “Ain’t So,” is a blast to anyone who doubts and taunts the underdog.  The video has received close to 30,000 views on WorldStarHipHop.com: still quite a surprise to the just now turnin’ 20 year old. Each moment is one step closer to achieving his destiny. “Only God can tell you, but keep working regardless of the setbacks. We workin’. There are a lot of mouths to be fed. We tryin’ to make it period; tryin’ to get all the way in the door.”

“Ain’t So’s” traffic is quite the accomplishment. Stack$ calls it  a confidence builder.  “It’s been kinda hard ‘cause we hadn’t had the proper exposure, no sound at all, no mainstream acts. I was bigger on [WorldStarHipHop] than some of the artists in the game. I rep the hometown. We been absent from the game, and there’s a lot missin’.”

Growing up on Durham’s rough southside, Stack$ prided himself on stability and staying out of trouble. Given the name ‘Big Stacks’ as a youngster, the Bull City representer took matters into his own hands while studying business management at Durham Technical College. Armed with both a fearless hustler’s spirit and passion for his music, the then ambitious 17 year old Sandy Leadbetter withdrew from his studies. He linked up with business partner Maurio “Rio” Mitchell and began their working together in taking Faculty Entertainment, which Michell co-founded with two blood relatives in 2001, to the top. Stack$ was a local success in 2009 with two singles, “Product of the South” and “Feeling Good.”  He performed wherever he could and rocked the crowd. The young artist looks up to Jay-Z, T.I., Lil’ Wayne, and Young Jeezy for inspiration in building his brand. “They not only hot; they do more than rap.”

Conquering the game and creating an empire are Stack$’ priorities. “My goal is to bring us up as a company ‘cause this is a business at the end of the day. I couldn’t do it all so I made a choice. It’s all about work ethic. If it’s strong another person will invest in you. There is no half steppin’. You gotta be up to par, and give it your all.”

The young dude got his head on straight and keeps ten toes down. Whether in music or business, his ‘backbone’ is always front and center.  “At first, it was a money thing, and people constantly testing you everyday.  We were about who was the boldest – the person who got that money. You don’t have to be gangsta. You can either be a lion or a sheep . You can be the person who runs stuff or get ran. It’s about being a man at the end of the day, and I’m glad Durham is where I came from.”

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