[Special Feature] Superstar Chris Brown’s Top 25 Greatest Hits

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Chris Brown has received tons of criticism and disapproval since his assault case with R & B diva Rihanna five years ago.  Recently Brown has been back in the news (as if he ever left) for another case that is attracting an abundance of mass media attention.

Lately Chris Brown seems more like Charlie Brown and can’t get from under the black cloud that is following him. Well, I want to shed some light on the whole Chris Brown situation, but first we here at Hip Hop Enquirer want to recap the journey of Chris Brown with “Chris Brown’s Top 25 Greatest Hits”.

With Brown’s career being placed on hold, I have compiled a list of the Grammy winner’s hottest singles just to remind folks of the great performer he actually is, so take the time to strip away the negativity surrounding Breezy and enjoy the music that this young man has given to the world.  This list is in no particular order, but feel free to share with us where you rank these classics.

The list begins with Chris Brown’s 2008 hit:

Take You Down

Take You Down

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