Special Report!! Hip Hop Raises Its Red Cups

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It is undeniable. There has been a recent shift in the hip hop culture. The hip hop of old largely revolved around urban living, life in the hood. You know, that hood sh*t. The hip hop of new, however, has brought with it a group of talented youth, whose lyrics and style are about something else.

Frank Ocean

We’re seeing a lot of ambiguous artistic expression. Rappers are rocking skateboarder gear. They’re living and talking about the frat house life that has previously been reserved for White kids who go to college (or those precocious high schoolers who live out in the suburbs).

Their lyrics tell stories about smoking huge joints, getting wasted beyond belief, and living the party life. Of course, they are, too, addressing all of the fundamental questions of life, and are emphatic about rebelling against anything that could be considered assimilating.

Wiz Khalifa

For example, 2011 recipient of the BET Best New Artist award, Wiz Khalifa, continues to openly talk about his love and devotion to reefer despite the fact that, in November of last year, he was charged with felony drug possession after the alleged seizure of 60 grams of marijuana from his tour bus. And talk about rebelling–the previously underground group, Odd Future–whose members Frank Ocean and Tyler the Creator have recently enjoyed huge commercial success with the songs “Novacane” and “Yonkers”–has turned down deals from almost every major record label.

In other words, they’re doing what they want to do. And having a great time while they’re doing it. It’s the Red Cup generation of hip hop, ladies and gentlemen. Our very own hip hop hippies.

And I for one welcome them with open arms. And a red cup held high.

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