Special Tribute to the Man in the Mirror

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In the year 2011 as people drop their jaws at the new and improved versions, miniature models, and aspiring copies of the original, we must all remember that original is a legend.  Even as we immerse ourselves in the latest song by Chris Brown or Trey Songz, we must all ask ourselves where these young men would be if it weren’t for the very first copy.

Today, August 29th, 2011 marks the 53rd birthday of the legendary King of Pop. Though tears are still shed two years after his death, we all claim a piece of him as we listen to classic songs such as ‘Thriller’, ‘Bad’, ‘Remember the Time’, and so much more. Everyday, as millions of us wake up every morning and stare at our reflections, it will always be known that there can only be one “man in the mirror”. His name is Michael Jackson. From all of us at the Hip Hop Enquirer, R.I.P. Michael Jackson and Happy 53rd Birthday!

Michael Jackson performs “Billy Jean” Live in HD

Author: Natasha Abellard

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