Too Funny!! Spike Lee Gets Spanked By Actor Clifton Powell… “I’ll Beat Your Punk A**!”

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spike_pinkySpike Lee & Clifton Powell

In a recent interview on the Russ Parr Morning Show, actor Clifton Powell blasted director Spike Lee admitting that he doesn’t like him or his criticisms of director Tyler Perry.

“I don’t like Spike, for real,” Powell stated. “I’m just saying it publicly on the radio. Spike is a hater. He was doing all these movies, Sam and all these guys know he’s a hater. He kept all the money; there was lawsuits against him…. I’m from the streets and you gotta carry your people. We talk about what “The Man” does; Spike need to go sit his punk a– down, and stop talking about Tyler Perry.”

Powell also expressed how he felt about Lee’s treatment of black actors and his hiring procedures.

“Tyler Perry was homeless about 10, 12 years ago and Spike wasn’t writing him no checks,” he said. “I think it’s wrong, and I shouldn’t do this, but I don’t like Spike Lee because I don’t like his politics as it pertains to how he deals with African Americans. I’ve auditioned for Spike several times; he kept all of us waiting for hours. It was insulting. He’s made people fly across country, pay for themselves and come to auditions. Spike is the worst, and he needs to go sit his punk a** down. If you got a problem with it, Spike, I’m right here and I’ll beat your punk a**.”

He later added “Spike, to me, had an opportunity to turn this whole thing around in the early days, and disrespected a lot of us as actors… and that’s why his career has fluttered and bombed and nobody goes to see his crap.”


Lets just hope Pinky doesn’t open up a can of whoop a** on Spike!

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