Stacey Dash Played By VH1 And Now Has A Show On VH1?

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Kassandra Clement, Stacey Dash & LisaRaye McCoy

Remember when VH1 tried to play Stacey Dash on The Wendy Williams Show? On March 12th, 2010, Wendy Williams confirmed on her video footage that Stacy Dash did not, in fact, have a show in the making. The reality show Stacey Dash was referring to was supposed to follow her and capture footage of her dating life. [Check out Video Clips]

Whether it was Stacey Dash or the network that was telling a story, VH1 will be airing its original hour-long scripted series “Single Ladies” later this month (May 30th). Queen Latifah, executive producer, and VH1 has decided to star Stacey Dash, alongside LisaRaye McCoy, Kassandra Clementi, DB Woodside, and Anthony Montgomery. VH1’s “Single Ladies” is a two-hour comedic drama about a group of woman who constantly ask “what do women really want in relationship.”

The series will feature guest appearances from Lauren London, Common, Chili, Kim Porter and Eve. Be sure to tune in May 30th for a two-hour premiere!

VH1 “Single Ladies” Sneak Peak

Wendy Williams confirms no reality show for Stacey Dash (Mach 12th, 2010); VH1 seems to change theiminds fairly easy


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