Stop The Madness! Pregnant Woman Thrown to Ground Because She Refused to Give Her Name To Cops

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pregnantWomanA Bartow California cop may find himself and the police department he is employed with in hot water after new video has surfaced of a woman being handcuffed and thrown to the ground simply because she didn’t want to give her name which is not a crime. According to a police report Charlene Cook got into an argument with a school employee where her 2-year old daughter attends school at over a parking spot. When the police were called to investigate the incident, the responding officer told the school employee that no crime had occurred but he would get the woman’s name for his incident report.

Apparently the cop wasn’t aware that the woman who was later identified as Cook wasn’t breaking any law by not wanting to give her name however when she stated to the cop that she wanted to verify if she was in fact required to give her name he waited for about 30 seconds and then grabbed her along with his partner and threw her to the ground and handcuffed her. It was clear from the video that the woman was pregnant however the cops decided to abuse their authority my making up a bogus charge to arrest her. When Charlene Cook went before the judge in the case, all charges were dismissed.

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What is also clear from the video is these cops have little knowledge of constitutional law as it relates to self-incrimination and the right to remain silent as well as perjury as it is clear from watching the video, the arresting cop was lying to his superior about why he was arresting the woman in the first place.

If more cops are held personally liable for their actions it will likely curtail most of the unnecessary abuse of power of American citizens.

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