[Streaming Now] Listen To New 50 Cent Album “Animal Ambition” Here

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50 Cent has always seemed to have a great understanding of marketing and promotion.  In the last few weeks 50 has attempted to find every way he could to promote and give his anticipated album away for free, without actually giving it away for free.  The former Shady/Aftermath artist has definitely been on his grind, but 50 Cent’s work ethic was never questioned.  What has been questioned is 50’s ability to climb his way back to the top where he once stood years ago.

For artists lucky enough to make a career out of rap, a big challenge that they encounter is trying to deliver the same music that the fans appreciate while evolving as a person.  Sometimes it’s hard to speak on the struggle when you haven’t seen it in years.  Rap is an art form and if you can’t paint the picture, your audience won’t get the message.  

The peanut gallery doesn’t believe that 50 can make a strong push toward his return to hip hop supremacy, but at least one person does, and that person is 50 Cent.  Now the time is finally here for all to decide for themselves whether or not 50 still has it.  Below is his new album, Animal Ambition, days before its scheduled release date. True fans have already heard the majority of the album already, but here it is in its entirety as 50 intended it to be.

Check it out and let us know what you think.  


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