Streets Are Talking: @YoungJeezy drops “Get Right,” @BigMeech, @BleuDavinci Respond (This Is Getting Too Real)!

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Just when you thought it was all good in the hood! Recently Young Jeezy dropped a new single called “Get Right.” This appears to something new for Jizzal because it wasn’t listed on his last album. After one listen to the track and you can tell that Snowman has some things to get off his chest. Lines like “Whole fucking block know I made ya. Whole fucking block know I saved ya. You’re own fucking family know I fucking raised ya. See I kept it 100 from the fucking start. Call me Mel Gibson, I got a braveheart. See their money getting low and they get tight. Homie go on with the game, get right,” had the blogs wonder who Jeezy was shooting at. Well, we didn’t have to wait too long to find out.

They say a hit dog will yell and the two dogs yelling the loudest right now are Jeezy’s former BMF homies Bleu Davinci and Big Meech. Rumors have swirled since Meech has been locked up that Meech and Jeezy have not been on good terms. Each party seemed to squash that notion quickly before. This time, things might be different. After Jeezy released “Get Right,” Bleu enlisted the help of the incarcerated Big Meech for his own song called “Got Right.” Despite not being named in Jeezy’s song, Bleu took it upon himself to address Jeezy. In the song he makes claims of being the one who got Jeezy involved with BMF, that Jeezy snitched to avoid the indictment that came down on BMF and that he hasn’t kept it 100 with Meech since he’s been locked up. The worse is hearing Big Meech on the end talking about how Jeezy didn’t put any money on his book or hasn’t put any money on a lawyer to help him get out of jail.

Where this beef goes is beyond me. All I know is that we’ve lost enough players in this game and we don’t need to loose anymore.

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