Surprise During Watch The Throne Surprise Performance!

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Fans were extremely excited at the MTV VMA’s last night when The Throne, Jay-Z and Kanye West did a surprise performance. One fan was just a little too excited and wanted to join the duo on stage. The man jumped on stage and was quickly escorted off. Talk about your fifteen minutes of fame, his was more like 5 seconds. It was so quick you could barely do a double take, but still worthy of a mention.

If no one else noticed the man, Jay-Z definitely did AND the rapper was obviously surprised. Luckily it was in the middle of Kanye’s verse and Jay continued the performance. This is not the first time a fan tried to join Jay on stage. Let’s rewind to the 2009 VMAs, when Jay and Alicia Keys performed “New York”. Who can forget Lip Gloss Rapper Lil Mama taking the stage? In that disastrous surprise appearance, she bopped along with Jay-Z and Alicia and even posed with them at the end. The “WTF” look Jay Z gave her will forever be remembered. Maybe last night’s fan·thought he would share a similar moment with the duo powerhouse,·but security quickly nixed his plans.


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