Tip Breaks Down “Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head” Track By Track


It’s been over a month now since The King dropped his 8th studio album and Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head has definitely silenced the critics. Any day-1 T.I. fan will tell you this is the album they were waiting for as he put the apology songs to the side and could finally do him once the probation and court obligations were behind him.

Steadily approaching gold since its release in December, T.I. just dropped a track-by-track breakdown of his latest opus. Sticking to the long forgotten G-code, Tip has this to say about a few of the tracks

The Introduction:

“The first track, ‘The Intro’, is an eloquent way of saying F#ck You to those that need to hear it the most. One thing that is certain about my life… has been trouble. And that ain’t nothing I’m shying away from. I’m embracing it. Whether you like it or not, it made me better not worse.”


“I’m venting because I see a lot of F#ck shit going on in the game and for all the wrong reasons. I spoke earlier about morals, standards and principles. When you have that…integrity… as a man it’s certain behaviors you won’t engage in. It’s just certain activities you won’t feel good about doing. Simply because as a man you know you stand for more than that. That’s whether you doing good or bad, you on top or the bottom, you winning or loosing or on the come up. No matter, you still gotta operate under those same principles.

And I see right now everybody want to say everybody name, put everybody name in a song and want to talk about the next mo#herfu%ker cause they ain’t hot. So to get  hot they want to talk about ni^^as who is hot and I’ve never done that. Anytime I had a problem with somebody, I had a problem with that somebody. And if you ask me about it, I’ma say I don’t like him because of this…”

With that break down and a few references in “Addresses” itself, it seems clear he’s talking to Alley Boy and the Duct Tape crew but Tip is still remaining mum  on the intended target of the “T.I. bullet.”

See what else Tip reveals about his latest project in the video below.

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