Judge Rules Ban On Saggy Pants Unconstitutional

A False Depiction of The African-American Male in America by Derrick Jaxn

Judge Rules Ban On Saggy Pants Unconstitutional

“Black men need to pull up their pants.”

“Black men need to stop Black on Black crime.”

“Black men need to get up and get a job.”

-Sincerely, America

Words by Derrick Jaxn

It’s no secret that Black men have opportunities for improvement. Not only is it shoved down our throat by society, but some of us are so blind that we call ourselves embracing it like it’s the thing to do.

None the less, there are two sides to every story and somewhere in the middle is the truth. Not everything is as bad as it seems, but it will get that way if we keep on believing the hype.

By now, you’re well-aware that America believes sagging to be a leading cause of failure amongst Black men. Don Lemon of CNN even cited this as one of the top 5 things the Black community needs to stop doing to “save” itself.  This is despite the fact that Black men in the 60′s were well dressed in suit and ties daily, yet still got the same police brutality and legal lynching we get today. Those legal lynchings have evolved into “stand your ground” cases like that of Jordan Davis who couldn’t even be seen from the waist down when he was killed. Richard Sherman was wearing athletic tights but still described as a “thug”, so it’s safe to say the “pull your pants up” campaign won’t save us because it was never breaking us to begin with.



Instead it presupposes that if we play by all the rules, we’ll be deserving of fairness. By rules I mean college degree in-hand, shirt tucked in, and well-groomed. While I may dress neatly and achieve some things, I hate that it requires those achievements to earn my innocence until proven guilty that every other citizen is afforded without them.



It becomes taboo to mention the odds against Black men when we have the trumpets sounding for “Black on Black crime” that’s become our downfall. This misleading phrase only endorses the suspicion of young Black men despite the fact that Black on Black crime is relatively the same as white on white crime and every other race’s. But in the tragedy of Sandy Hook, not once did you hear that white on white crime needs to stop.

So, why then did Black men inherit the trademark for crime in America? According to the most recent comprehensive data published by the Justice Department on violent crime victimizations, only about 1% of Black will commit a violent crime this year. I wouldn’t quite say that’s worth clutching your purse over.

But we’ve been convinced by Worldstar, Fox News, and even our own forward-thinkers like Al Sharpton that our crime is out of control, so we continue to gloss over glaring statistics that prove otherwise. Don’t get me wrong, crime is never okay, but also keep in mind that cameras don’t flock to people who drive the speed limit and pay tithes on Sunday. This broad brush they’re using to paint a picture of us is being dipped in quite a small bucket but the belief that it isn’t vouches for the illegitimate fear and subsequent disenfranchisement of young Black men.

That disenfranchisement leaks over to countless innocent Black men going to jail which leads to probation that keeps us from getting back into the work force afterwards. Despite the overwhelming reality that our unemployment rate is indeed high because of this factor and a few others, getting more jobs isn’t the answer. Creating jobs and supporting those who do is.


As a Black man, I see that as our greatest shortcoming. Not how we dress, not Black on Black crime, but instead the fact we would rather blow  money on Ralph Lauren than combine that money to buy land and put businesses on it. Businesses that directly nourish our own communities instead of the communities we’re being gentrified out of to be secluded in poverty.

Black men can always do better, but we’ll never be as bad as what they make us seem. They can only make us seem that way if we continue believing them and disregarding our real issues to focus on the ones they’ve manufactured.

Derrick Jaxn is an author, poet, and lifestyle blogger from Enterprise, AL by way of Rocky Mount, NC. In just one year, the author of the novel, A Cheating Man’s Heart has elevated his personal blog http://www.derrickjaxn.com to a lifestyle platform that has garnered him over 110,000 social media followers and readers with 80,000 Facebook “LIKES” alone.

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Rapper Young Lace Outed for Allegedly Scamming Model Using Fraudulent Check Via Instagram

Yasmin Estrada

Yasmin Estrada

Words by Ron Fisher Los Angeles based rapper Young Lace has been making a name for himself lately, but more than likely you still have no idea who I am speaking of.  Young Lace is cited for doing his project “Above Average” with DJ Mustard who has lately had the Midas touch with recent hits like Tyga’s “Rack City”, 2 Chainz’ “I’m Different”, and Kid Ink’s “Show Me”.  However, thanks to social media, I have gotten more familiar with Young Lace’s personal affairs than his music. For those who are familiar with the 24-year-old songwriter, you probably have heard of him for the same reasons I did.  Young Lace is the ex boyfriend of Jennifer Hardwick, winner of  “The Bad Girls All-Star Challenge”.  Young Lace is also the father of her baby girl.  Recently Young Lace has been bashing his ex by posting nude pics of her on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Yasmine Estrada's Instagram Page

Yasmine Estrada’s Instagram Page

Now Young Lace is back in social media updates as he is now being blamed for scamming model/dancer Yasmin Estrada.  Young Lace allegedly scammed Estrada into withdrawing $4,000 from her bank account after a deposit was made by who she believed to be a promoter.  The deposit was allegedly made by Young Lace’s girlfriend, porn star Kelly Devine, and the deposit was returned because they were fraudulent checks.  Estrada posted this via Instagram:

“This piece of shit scammed the fuck out of me yesterday, since he know I’m about my money he made it sound so good that his promoter dude that’s gonna pay him for a gig is going to wire me 4k in my bank account since his dumbass doesn’t have a bank account (because he supposedly travels too much) how naive of me to believe that…being a good person I told him I’ll do him that favor since he said I can have 1k from that…he made me withdrawal money once they cashed in the money he said it would be cash deposit and that it wasn’t gonna be checks!!! Sike this mother fuckers promoter dude sent bounced checks so the bank had to take my own money in my account so I got fucken play so fucken good!“ Estrada also stated that as ashamed as she was to put this out there, she wanted to prevent this same thing from happening to any future girls/guys that may be part of his following.  “I reported him to the cops too hopefully he will get caught or his partners! Fuck boy your broke ass shit and all that money is probably from all them other bitches you did #fraudon and you took money from your baby mama you ain’t nothing but a piece of shit doing shows for what? You are a nobody and never will be but best believe karma will get you I will let god handle that ass.”

If you have been in tune to the Young Lace circus and you need more to satisfy your drama fix, don’t’ worry.  According to Young Lace’s official website, he and ex-girl friend Jennifer Hardwick were shooting his spin off reality show.  This show is meant to capture what it means to be a young couple with a daughter while still making their way through the industry.  With their relationship now being a thing of the past, the show has since been canceled, but it looks like Young Lace will continue to keep entertaining, one way or another.

Source: Impeccable Imperfections 

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

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It’s Happening! Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Have Reportedly Set A Wedding Date


The Daily Mail reports, via an article in Us Weekly that Kanye and Kim have reportedly set a wedding date. The wedding will be taking place in Paris on May 24.

We all remember the proposal. In true Kanye West fashion he went above and beyond. The couple got engaged 7 months ago at the AT&T Park in San Francisco along with an orchestra and fireworks. So you can expect the wedding to be a movie. The Daily Mail says, “Kanye is obsessed with creating moments, like he did with the baseball-stadium engagement” a source told LIfe & Style.


Kanye is currently working on the some huge surprises for the wedding, but as a result Kim has no idea what is going to happen at her own wedding. She has been kept in the dark about a lot of the details. Kim will have one dress change and the gown will hug her curves. The reality star has lost 50 pounds since giving birth to her daughter North in June. North will also play a large role in the wedding.

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Kanye West Speaks on the Perception of His Music with Ricky Smiley (Interview)


In a recent interview with radio morning show personality Rickey Smiley, Kanye West sat down with him to discuss his recent Yeezus album, which was released free, on Google Play yesterday morning and how others perceive his music.

“[My lyrics] are already studied with a magnifying glass,” “I don’t think there’s a person who dissects their lyrics more than me.

“This is a mission that I’m on,” West continued. “I was on ‘Ellen,’ and she was like ‘It’s cursin’ here.’ I think it’s more profane to have an album with no profanity that’s not talkin’ about nothin’ than to be as profound with profanity.”

West said that his comment regarding the matter was impressive.

“I mean, it was cold because it was an alliteration also,” West says. “The p-r-o and then the f and everything. It was too cold. Too fresh.”

Peep the interview above.

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Review: Kandi Burruss Opens Up About “A Mother’s Love”

Michelle Brown with Actor/Blogger Funky Dineva

Michelle Brown with Actor/Blogger Funky Dineva

If you have not heard about Kandi Burruss play A Mother’s Love then you have completely been sleeping. This play is buzzing through the South and definitely making a name for itself. The play tells the story of the struggles between a mother and daughter relationship. The mother, who wants only the best for her daughter and the daughter, who simply wants to live her life and make her own choices.

If you have not heard about Kandi Burruss play A Mother’s Love then you have completely been sleeping. This Play is buzzing through the South and definitely making a name for itself. The play tells the story of the struggles between a mother and daughter relationship. The mother, who wants only the best for her daughter and the daughter, who simply wants to live her life and make her own choices.

Celebrity Stylist Shun Melson

Celebrity Stylist Shun Melson

Fans of Kandi see that A Mother’s Love is somewhat based on her own relationship with her mother. A Mother’s Love played at the Rialto Center For The Arts in Atlanta, GA from November 22nd – 24th and will have a soundtrack musical by the 1st quarter of 2014. Don’t fret, the show is not over A Mother’s Love will be headed on the road soon!  Cast members included but not limited to are Eddie Levert (OJays), Shirley Murdock (legendary singer), Q Parker (112), D. Woods (Danity Kane) and Porsha Stewart (Real Housewives of Atlanta).

With a play filled with such a vast group of talented actors/actresses the audience was filled with celebrities such as Tyler Perry, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, Stevie J & Joseline , Bambi Johnson, members from RHOA, and many more!

Photo Credits: Paras Griffin/ Freddy-O / Dennis Byron / Jasmine Clay

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