TALK ABOUT IRONY!! Plaxico Burress Plans to Lobby for Gun Control

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plaxico-burress-coverPlaxico Burress

Back in 2008 former NFL wide receiver Plaxico Burress accidentally shot himself in the thigh with a handgun inside of a packed nightclub. As a result, he was convicted of criminal possession of a handgun and sentenced to 2 years in a New York prison. Now, he plans on being a spokesperson for gun control.

Yesterday Burress announced that he will be working with the National Urban League and Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

Apparently, returning to the NY Giants is not a possibility. Burress recently filed a grievance with the NFL union to get his $1 million signing bonus which the giants withheld from him after suspending him without pay following the shooting.

Looking past that Burress stated, “I’m eager and excited about the next step, not knowing where it will be.” I’m dedicated to change and just being a better person.”

Burress also mentioned that he will be mentored by NBA great Magic Johnson and retired NFL football coach Tony Dungy.


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