Teenager Confesses to Killing Her Boyfriend on Facebook, Manhunt Underway

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It appears social media is a powerful tool for law enforcement because of the countless individuals who commit crimes and then post their capers on social media sites. This might to be the case for 18-year-old Nakasia James as she is now being sought by San Bernardino police for the killing of her boyfriend Dorian Powell. The two may have been in a domestic dispute based on her post where she alleges that he assaulted her and then she stabbed him with a knife.

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Police were called to the San Bernardino address located at 2803 N. Central Avenue around 2:30am and discovered Powell deceased.

“…hit mee in the face and we was really fightn and I gt the knife and stabbed him ddnt think I would hurt him BT I did he died and I’m on the run pigs lookn for me…”

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A Facebook account with the name Nakasia Macc James stated that her boyfriend was drunk and started fighting her. While the above post suggests she was just defending herself, friends and family of the deceased shared their opinion about what really happened. They believe that the killing was pre-meditated and one friend posted the following to her Facebook page:

“You a stupid heartless sad ass b*tch. You took someones child, father, brother, uncle, cousin. And you know damn well your not sorry. B*tch that was premeditated murder. B*tch you knew exactly what you were doing!! B*tch it aint never that serious you a jealous ass triflin b*tch, you even tried to get somebody to fight him. B*tch you should’ve been broke up with him , but yet you continued to go back knowing it wasn’t gonna get any better.. yo ass deserve to be put to death!! I hope they give yo ass a life sentence so you sit in that b*tch til you rot, and when you touch them cells I hope they rag doll yo scandalous ass.. FUCK YOU AND YOUR APOLOGIZE B*TCH, IM SAYING IT FOR DORIAN,”

Sources state that the two had only dated 9 months before Powell’s death.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the case, she could have a self-defense claim but she needs to get a lawyer and turn herself in to police.

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