Terrence Howard Speaks Out About His View On Gun Control [Exclusive Video]

Terrence Howard Speaks Out About His View on Gun Control with Hip Hop Enquirer


During a Q & A interview at the “Dead Man Down” post screening, Academy nominated actor Terrence Howard was asked about his view on gun control by Hip Hop Enquirer’s Dennis Byron.

Howard gave a powerful performance in this action packed film that co-starred Colin Farrell but listen to what he had to say about this hot box topic.

“You cannot take one gun out of one person’s hands without taking the gun out of everyone’s hands because whoever has the power will abuse it. I think until we evolve and see each other for what and who we are to each other than guns are going to be necessary…But it’s not the gun that kills, it’s the person pulling the trigger.”

Watch the thought-provoking discussion below. “Dead Man Down” is in theatres now.

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