Twerkers Unite! -New Twerk Record Attempted In NY

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twerk1Words by Alyson Robinson

Yesterday in New York, 350 people attempted to twerk their way into the record books. Their only task was to twerk for two long, awkward minutes to get into the Guinness Book of World Records.

The dance ‘twerking’ has now been attributed to Miley Cyrus after her “We Can’t Stop” video was released.

miley-cyrus-twerk-express-yourselfYoung, old, male and female came out to attempt the cringe-worthy feat. Watching it can create a shiver of embarrassment for those involved, we can’t begin to imagine participating. Some however enjoyed it, as a 73-year-old woman claimed to actually like the dance.

twerk2“It was a wonderful experience today” she said.

“I went to buy sheets in Macy’s and they let me in and I’m just dancing my life away here”.

“It was just great” she added.

Maybe she hasn’t seen real booty shaking twerking before, because the video depicts people bouncing up and down, rather than actually participating in hip gyration.

Photo credits: @FreeConcerts/@SubMedina

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