Texas Man Kills After Paying For Sex He Didn’t Receive, Acquitted By Jury

| June 7, 2013 | 1 Comment

A Texas  jury just set free a man who murdered his escort who refused sex.

Leonora Frago

Lenora Ivie Frago is dead, according to reports at Think Progress. The man who killed her, Ezekiel Gilbert, has been since acquitted by a Texas jury, after seeing his ‘killing’ justifiable. Apparently on Christmas Eve, 2012, the Texas man paid $150 for her ‘escort services’, and Frago refused to return the money, after denying his request for sex. Some how or another, Gilbert’s lawyer was able to use Texas law: Allowing ‘deadly force’ to retrieve ‘stolen property at night’.

This is one very vague law. It allows the Texas state citizens to use deadly force in protection of any piece of ‘tangible’ or ‘movable’ property. Apparently, to that jury, a woman’s body became a piece of property at the exchange of money. In many ways, this law’s boldness goes beyond the NRA-backed Stand Your Ground law, highlighted in the case of 17 year old Trayvon Martin, shot dead from an alleged ‘defense plight’.
The ‘contracted’  sex service that Frago ‘stole’ from her paying customer, was promoted through Craigslist. Frago was critically injured from the altercation, and died several months later. Read the rest of the story here.

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  1. This is CRAZY! Her life was worth $150.00?

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