Texas Teen Faces Life Sentence For Selling Hash Brownies

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19-Year Old Texas teen Jacob Lavoro is facing a life sentence behind prison bars for selling brownies laced with hash oil.

Lavoro made a business out of selling pot brownies and sold them for $25 a piece. Local police discovered several bags of marijuana and hash oil in separate containers at Lavoro’s home.

The discoveries of those items were enough for Lavoro to incur an additional felony charge for possession of illegal substances.

Under Texas law, the possession or distribution of more than 2000 pounds of marijuana or any other illegal drug constitutes a felony and carries a minimum mandatory sentence of five years and a maximum 99 years.

99 years in prison is what Lavoro is facing if convicted of these charges. However, the district’s attorney’s office is offering Lavoro a plea bargain which would not include any jail time. Lavoro’s attorneys will wait until receiving the lab results for the substances taken from his home before proceeding to making a decision whether or not to accept the plea deal.

Lavoro has already served a month behind bars on these charges before being released on $30,000 bond.

Photo Credit: PoliceStateUSA.com

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