That’s Great! Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Fight Can Be Seen for Free…If You Live in Mexico

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This Saturday Floyd Mayweather will fight Manny Pacquiao in one of the biggest boxing matches in history. No doubt it is the biggest fight of the generation and therefore the tickets are out of this world. To watch the fight in Las Vegas will be no cheaper than $4,500 and the pay-per-view price is $100. What is a boxing fan to do then?? Go to Mexico!

That is right, the entire country of Mexico is showing the fight of the century for free. The World Boxing Council (WBC) told TMZ that the two major Mexican networks, Televisa and Azteca, have agreed to air the fight on May 2nd. WBC said, “Televisa and Azteca must be recognized for their great commitment, for bringing to Mexico this bout for free…This has never, ever happened in any country of the world.”

For those wondering why Mexico is allowed to do this, it comes down to sponsors. The official beer of the fight, Tecate, comes straight out of the country and Mexico is a sponsor itself. So for any fans of the sport living in the Southern California area you just might have an out. For everyone else outside of Mexico, arrive to your local bars early!

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