The Burr is Back! Mixtape Review- Writing on the Wall 2

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Atlanta, GA has been buzzing all week due to the homecoming of one it’s favorite sons. East Atlanta’s Gucci Mane is coming home after a year and a half of being in and out of psychiatric wards and Fulton County (GA) prisons. As of July 7, 2011 he has not been released due to a pause in the system.  The hold up, according to his lawyer Ahsutosh Joshi, is because there is an order which requires him to go back to the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson before he can be released. Joshi hoped that the dispute would be resolved by the end of the day. “Once the state prison is aware of the judge’s order… they will remove or release any hold they have on Mr. Davis and he can be physically released from the Fulton County Jail,” his lawyer told MTV.

On July 5, 2011 Gucci teamed up with Dj Holiday to release “Writing on the Wall 2” a follow up to his 2009 mix tape of the same name.  Gucci has been putting out some sub-par trap music these days and with his release from prison his fans will not accept anything less than spectacular. For starters Gucci went a got an A list artist for features on the mix tape with the likes of 50 Cent, Yelawolf, Young Buck, Yo Gotti, YC and Jagged Edge and of course the BrickSquad regulars. His production was also surprisingly good, much credit due to Drumma Boy and Lex Lugar but not to leave out Fat Boy (“Wasted”), Shawty Redd, and Southside. He also linked up with Zaytoven, his long time go-to guy for mix tape heat.  Tracks like “Lil Friend”, “Psycho”, “Translation”, and  “Tax Free” are all your expected Gucci Mane bangers with the same concepts just next level trap production with complex drum patterns and more synths. Shockingly, there were some definite keepers from this mix tape like “Guilty” “Too Turnt Up” “MVP” and “Recently” all of which feature heavyweight artist respectively.

It’s about time Gucci throws his name back into the likes of the elite in trap music and in hip hop as well. He is responsible for some of the garbage that comes out due to all of his imitators but when the originator returns it’s always a treat. Lately it’s been hot in Atlanta as expected this time of year, though with the return of Mr. Zone 6 and his Ice Cream tattoo the weather might get a little bit colder. Burr!! Sorry, I had to do it.



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