The Game’s Hoodmorning Mixtape Review

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Lyrics A- Flow A- Beats B+ Originality B+ Grade B+

Compton’s most wanted hasn’t released an album since his 3rd installment LAX in 2008. Since that same year The Game has been working steadily on the highly anticipated Red Album which is expected to arrive August 23. In the meantime he dropped Break Lights in 2010, Purp & Patron 2011, and Purp & Patron: The Hangover 2011 which was all enough to satisfy the hunger of his following. Early Monday morning Game released Hood Morning (No Typo): Candy Coronas with LA’s DJ Skee for free download after giving his fans a few leaks.

22 tracks in length, A-list features, and original production cement this mix-tape as one of the best this year. On this project Game proves that he is hungry again. The title intro “Hood Morning” is a red carpet entry into what’s been on Game’s mind prior to the release of The R.E.D. Album accompanied by a sing-along of Kanye West’s “Good Morning”.

It’s best to enjoy this mix-tape front to back because it flows so perfectly. The second track “Drug Test” features Dr. Dre and Snoop and is nothing short of what one would expect from the west coast vets, amazing.  If you don’t listen to all of Game’s material you might think he’s taking shots at artist like Wiz, Kanye, Big Sean, and Jay-Z on “Uncle Otis”. For those familiar with his tactics it’s understood that all he is doing is going back to his old self, being honest and blunt without being subliminal.

Unlike the past few mix-tapes Game has released, this one has a wide variety of moods and topics.  Game paints some diverse and interesting pictures with his words on tracks like “Mr. West”, “Monsters in My Head”, “25 to Life”, and “Grave Yard”. Hood Morning also provides your car/club favorites “Can You Believe It”, “Wow”, and “Standing on a Corner”, which all feature at least one of your favorite artists.

There are also a few surprisingly creative cuts like “Infrared”, “Ace of Spades”, and “Change Your Life” that you won’t see coming yet you will be glad that you found them. The mix-tape ends perfectly on “Rough”. The hook is over shadowed by Game and Yelawolf’s blunt and direct delivery over Jim Jonsin’s piano and guitar. They both speak honestly about their lives from a humble standpoint while shedding light on their flaws as men and question their role in life without hip hop. The song has a similar feel to 2008’s “My Life” though on this track Game proves he has progressed as an artist if a song of this caliber doesn’t make the album.

Despite the fact some of these tracks aren’t finished or mastered in CDQ, Hood Morning still manages to please. Not to be left out, the executive production of Murs overseeing Cool and Dre, Dj Khalil, and Boi-1Da keeps you locked in. Plus verses from Wiz, Lil Wayne, B.o.B and Trey Songs are all each of the top outputs from each artist all year respectively.

After finishing Hood Morning if you are not a Game fan you will be, and you if you already are you will be counting down to August 23.


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