The Hip Hop Community Reacts to the Death of Legendary Musician B.B. King

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B.B. King, a legendary blues icon and musical legend, is remembered by the hip hop community after dying in his sleep late Thursday night at the age of 89.

The legacy of B.B. king has been cemented over six decades influencing several generations of musicians of all kinds from jazz, to blues, to rock and more. King is a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, and has received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

King has also had ties in hip hop being featured in Big K.R.I.T’s “Praying Man” off of the 2012 albumΒ Live From The Underground. The Beale Street Blues Boy has had his music sampled from many artists over the years including Kendrick Lamar, Ghostface Killah, Snoop Dogg, Action Bronson, 50 Cent and many more.

Hip hop artist and celebrities have taken to social media to remember king and express their condolences for B.B. King.

King Biscuit Time! Way before the modern era. Deep in the past when folks slid around in suits and BBQ smoke on moonshine stained wooden floors deep in the backwoods of the Bible Belt. Way back deep when yo momma mama was 16 and the devil made men do it with a potato based process on a humid Memphis night when radio waves came in a black and white crackle. DEEP DEEP in the belly of the Delta on a Friday feeling Sunday night with a few chairs and an Upright in a slum like heaven people danced and professed they guilt and prophesied they next weeks. A man sat hugging strings and wood and lacquer with both hands with a crown on his head. He spoke to the Royal Bottom and the Heathen Preacher and the wicked women that took his last pair of shoes to the river in a world made out of thumb tacks. Black man Beethoven beat up love songs in the dark back alleys of a poor soul on a moonlit Chicago summer day. Who gave Mr. Jagger his swagger in the first place and spoke so good about yo worst case? King Biscuit Time southern fried magic on a fast paced race through KKK Kountry spittin out possessed and holy revelation to the down low shack sons and babies living they life before they was even born. Prussian, Cobalt And Navy too! All hail the King of that Baby Blue! The King is alive…Long Live The King! 😒

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R. I. P. B. B. King. 🌺🌸

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Cadillac music. 8. Am east coast time. !!

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