The Hustle: Rod McCoy Breaks Down Audible Hustle And The Sweat Shop (Video)

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When it comes to the music game, we’re definitely in a new world. Gone are the days when multiple albums go gold and platinum. Artists and labels today’s are dreaming up new ways to not only sell music, but interact with fans. No idea is being turned down anymore.

That’s great for indie imprints like Audible Hustle. The Atlanta-based indie label knows they can’t go head-to-head with Def Jam due to resources, so thinking of other ways to build a fan base and introduce their music to new fans is important.

Founder of Audible Hustle, Rod McCoy thinks he’s found a great way to boast the visibility of his label and give a lane to other indie acts.

McCoy sat down with HHE to speak about his label, his music and what, “The Sweat Shop” will mean for indie music in the city.

HHE: Explain to us how you got into music.

Rod McCoy: I got into music initially through church where I played the drums and also led the children’s choir from time to time. I got into rapping one day after basketball practice while in the military though. One of my teammates had an open verse on a track – I hopped on it and that was it! I also wrote poetry and short stories in my youth which made the transition fairly easy once I started to fuck with the raps.

HHE: What is it that made you want to pursue music as a career?

Rod McCoy: Listening to the constant barrage of garbage that’s played on the radio today is what convinced me that I could make music. I wanna make it a career. If I could make $35,000/yr off music, that’d be a great start! Although it’s substantially less than I make now, it would make me happy because I’d be doing exactly what I think about and dream about every day.

HHE: When did Audible Hustle come about?

Rod McCoy: Audible Hustle kicked off early in 2010 shortly after I started rapping. Initially starting with fellow Air Force veterans, the brand began to virtually expand thanks to supporters on social media. What started off as a clique has grown into a legitimate indie start-up label and it’s totally due to the dedication, drive and camaraderie that we’ve built over the past 5 years.

HHE: What are some of the advantages to running your one label? What are the drawbacks?

Rod McCoy: The advantages of running the label is the control that we have over our craft and product. There’s no one outside the camp that we must gain approval from. We can go in whatever direction we choose for everything we do – from digital design, to audio engineer(s), to performance opportunities, etc. Now, with that being said, there’s definitely some disadvantages as one would expect. The biggest of which would be the lack of financial support. To progress and get anywhere in the industry, it takes money! Money for promotion, money for engineering, money for public relations, money for instrumentals, blah, blah, blah. Another “disadvantage” would be the fact there you have to learn everything from scratch. There’s no one holding your hand telling you what steps to take in order to accomplish your goals. I really think the lack of guidance evolves into a huge advantage in the long run though.

HHE: When looking for an artist to join Audible Hustle, what do you look for?

Rod McCoy: When going through the initial recruitment phase I looked for artists that took pride in their lyrics first and foremost but another important factor was the initiative that I saw within the artists before approaching them. Nobody likes to baby sit and doing this grind, I have zero intent on micro managing another grown man. I paid close attention to the way the music from these artists made me feel too.

HHE: When we met you spoke to me about an idea you had called, “The Sweat Shop”. Break down your idea for the event.

Rod McCoy: The Sweat Shop will serve as the introduction of Audible Hustle to the city of Atlanta. We’re bringing in indie artists from Alabama, Florida, Oregon, and Vermont to perform alongside emerging indies from the Atlanta. We reached out to artists who we see and know are out here working on the indie grind. The foresight of all of us, in the same venue working our asses off is what inspired “The Sweat Shop”.

HHE: Who are some of the acts that will be rocking out with you that night?

Rod McCoy: We got Michael Aristotle rocking with us – one of the dopest in Atlanta according to Complex Mag; The Winning Team who has multiple dope artists and represent the golden age of southern music; Phresh Ali – this nigga reminds me of Big Boi for some reason. Either way, dude goes in with his performances! Jazzmine Janis, a fellow Alabama native and possibly one of the dopest indie singers I’ve heard on any level and my guy Big Lo who spits lyrics almost effortlessly over boom bap production, similar to some Wu-Tang shit. We have a few other dope acts as well. Whatever you need we gone have it there at The Music Room on June 27th.

HHE: I heard that there are special “gifts” for those who attend the event.

Rod McCoy: If they show up before 7PM they can expect free baked goods! In regards to the atmosphere and such – expect chill vibes, expect good story-telling, expect peace, expect love, expect being introduced to many artist who genuinely love hip-hop and the freedom of expression, expect the best free event of the summer!

Check out The Sweatshop June 27th at The Music Room

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