@Nellymo Denies Any Involvement in the Tour Bus Drug Arrest (video inside)

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Earlier this week, police raided hip hop’s Midwest rapper Nelly’s tour bus, finding and unusual amount of heroin and marijuana – as well as a loaded gun.

During the police raid, Nelly blamed his tour bus crew member for bringing this contraband on the bus, claiming no one else on the bus knew of the drugs. The tour bus member he blaimed was his bodyguard of ten years, Brian Keith Jones.

Nelly stated that he blamed his tour bus member for making an “unfortunate decision to bring unlawful materials onto the tour bus.”

The man arrested had another view of the encounter. Nelly’s hefty sized bodyguard, may be having other “sudden” recollections of exactly who illegal drugs belong to. There could be lots more to the story, that don’t exactly involve Jones after all. Our sources who are very familiar with the case and know both men (Nelly and Big) are stating that his personal bodyguard who is the father of several children spoke with his counsel and is having a different recollection of the story he allegedly told Texas authorities.

While the source didn’t point a finger at the famous rapper, he did say that there will likely be other arrests in the case in the very near future.”

According to reports from TMZ, Jones pleaded not guilty to felony drug possession of the guns and contraband, after admitting that they were in his possession during the time of his arrest.

Jones was released on bail, Friday, October 13, 2012.

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