The Purposeful Accidental Text

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You receive a text from someone.  Someone you have been dating (or whatever).  You read the text.  But it doesn’t appear to be meant for you.  You text the person back and tell them that they texted the wrong person.  End of story, right?


You may have been the victim of a phenomenon which I have now coined as the “purposeful accidental text.” 

My first encounter with the “purposeful accidental text” occured last year.  I received a text from a guy that had been vying for my attention, which read “Last night was dope.”  It was a pretty interesting text because I had not seen him the previous night.  In fact, I was pretty much over speaking to him and hadn’t seen him in weeks.  In light of that (and being the psuedo-asshole that I am), I didn’t respond back.  It was only a few weeks later when I observed a girlfriend “purposefully accidentally” text her address to an ex-boyfriend, to make it seem as if she was going on a date with another guy–that I realized that I had been victim to this juvenile, yet sometimes effective act.

To be sure, in the last few months, I have been told by at least 10 people (both male and female) that somebody that they were involved with had texted them something obviously meant for someone else.  Now, I’m not saying that this doesn’t happen (because it does, and has, in fact, happened to me).  But when you do receive an “accidental text” from someone you’ve been involved with, look at the content of the text.  If it is seemingly directed towards someone of the opposite sex, comes on the heals of your “whatever it is” simmering out, and is of a nature that COULD incite jealousy (even if it does not), you are probably the recipient of a fake accidental.

Or………………..the person that you are seeing just might have been stupid enough to send you a text meant for the other person they’re screwing.

Either way. In this girl’s opinionation–LAME.

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