The race is on: NFL lockout finally over

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The race is on: NFL lockout is finally over

NFL lockout

It’s been confirmed that Football season is definitely back on ,but after more than five months of unrest, there will be even more commotion in the NFL. Now the race to acquire players is on, trades, salary decisions, rookie signings and to top it off training camp. A three to five month process has been reduced to three to five days. The uproar started about an hour after the final decisions were made Monday morning. Owners and players didn’t account for the time limit that was placed on them now that everything is worked out. Everyone is excited about the outcome of the lockout but now they have to play catch up and they have to play very quickly. Peter King stated “But there is no use worry about the timeline, the time frame we have is the time frame we have. You just have to trust everyone on your staff and delegate appropriately. Clubs know what to do, and now you’re just going to have to be methodical about going about your work”. There are some teams that have to add up to 45 players to their rosters, if they intend to take a full group of 90 players to training camp, which begins later this week. Teams began their negotiations this morning and were able to start signing their own draft picks as well as any undrafted collegiate free agents. Club executive Tony Pauline says “it’ll be unlike any other week in NFL history but not necessarily because of the moves that will be made, it’ll be the volume of moves that we’ve never seen before. We’ve never had three unique signing periods overlap before free agents, collegiate free agents, and draft picks signings”.  Hopefully the urgency for time constraints won’t dictate decision making and the best teams will stay true to their approach to free agency that their known for.


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