The Rematch: 5 Things @BarackObama Must Do in His Next Debate with @MittRomney

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As we near November 7th, Democrats and Republicans alike are scrambling to energize their base in efforts to get their candidates elected to the highest seat in the land. While incumbent, Barack Obama has the lead at the moment, it was his lackluster debate against challenger Mitt Romney did more to juice up the GOP base than the Democrats. With that said, the next debate on October 16th will say a lot about our current President and whether or not he can duck the comparisons of being the next Jimmy Carter and becoming the first sitting President to be ousted after one term. With this debate being so crucial to his re-election campaign, Hip Hop Enquirer magazine is going to give him 5 things that Barack needs to do at this next debate to get the Dems back and ready to head to the polls

1)      Take a page out of the Joe Biden play book: While Joe Biden is often seen as the crazy old man who happens to be Vice-President of the United States of America, he is a cagy competitor when it comes to debates. This was shown in spades when he took on Paul Ryan this past Thursday. Biden didn’t play fair and that’s what Barack has to do at this next debate. His first debate with Mitt Romney, he took the high road of “speak calmly, take your time and allow your opponent to speak.” That cannot be the case this round. He needs to come out swinging from the beginning and attack Mitt Romney on all his lack of laying out a plan for the economy, his past as a CEO of a company that specialized in outsourcing jobs to the same countries he says are now bleeding our country and his lack of standing any one point. If the Barack team is on point and I’m sure they are, they’d have Barack watching tons of films from the Republican primaries where Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul often had Mitt off balance by pointing out those same points and driving them home! If Barack wants to see another term as President, then he’d best take notes from his GOP counterparts and hit Mitt where it hurts and keep hitting.

2)      Leave the lectures to the professors: This could also be called “speak as you would tweet.” A longtime criticism of Barack Obama has been his speaking style. While he can be fiery and energetic when speaking, he can also come off like a law professor carefully speaking to a classroom or students. We are not students and you are not a professor sir. Your rebuttals need to be concise and to the point almost like a tweet. Combine as much force and impact into as short of a time period as possible. Hit Mitt with as many points as possible, but do it in a way where we don’t feel like falling asleep on our notebooks while you do it. This isn’t a classroom. You’re speaking to a room full of supporters and naysayers, all who want to hear why we should re-elect you. So, keep the lectures at home.

3)      Speak to your strengths: Barack should speak to his strengths while on stage. That while the job rates may not be what people want, he has created jobs every month while he was President. Speak about the job creation that you have had your hand in. Pound home the fact that if Mitt Romney was President, we would not have an auto industry and many homeowners would be homeless. Speak about how in a Mitt Romney Presidency, Osama Bin Laden might be alive and well, and we could possibly be in a stand-off against Iran as we rush to Israel’s defense. All that while we would still be occupying Iraq and Afghanistan! Drive home the point that a Mitt Romney government would drive us deeper into debt because of those first points, all while he promoted tax cuts for the rich and less sanctions on Wall Street. Barack is fighting from behind this round and a more aggressive Barack Obama who focuses on pointing out what a future with Mitt Romney for 4 years would look like could be a win for him.

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4)      Continue to promote “Change”: Barack was elected on a campaign of change. It was the promotion of change that brought Barack fans from his Democratic base and drew in many independents. He needs to draw back in the independents if he really has a chance of winning and he can do that by bringing us back to the Barack of ’08 and outlining what he can still change. His changes to the student loan bills, universal health care, speak more about those things because those points are important to many independents. Many undecided students are swimming in debt because of high interest rates of student loans. Many seniors are over their heads in debt because of costs for medical help. He should point out that during his Presidency, he brought help to both those groups and that during the next 4 years, he’ll institute more change to help students get a chance at the education they will need in the present and the healthcare that we all will need in the future. Also, let us know what other change you will have for us in terms of bringing more of our troop’s home from overseas, re-building America’s reputation throughout the world and re-branding the USA as the power that it once was. He must remember that the change he spoke of initially can still be used.

5)      Exploit contradictions: While Mitt Romney has hit the country with a barrage of attack ads pointed against the President, Mitt still has a way to go when it comes to making people in general like him. This is again where Barack can take advantage of a very long and gruesome Republican primary. Many of Mitt’s flaws were pointed out and he has done nothing little dispel any of them. His chest is wide open for shots in the form of Bain capital, Romneycare and his infamous 47% comment. He’s done nothing to make claims that he was a ruthless capitalist who cared little about his workers yet and he seems to be bent on not changing that. Well, it’s those views along with his many gaffes while on his European tour that makes him a target. A target that can and should be exploited. Paint Mitt into a corner where he has to be on defense than anything. As we’ve seen in the past, it’s when he’s been on defense that he’s been at his worse.

The election is now up for grabs. If the champion wants to walk out the ring with the championship belt still in hand, then he may need to dig down deep and fight with all he has at his hands. If not, we could be saying his to President Mitt Romney sooner than you think.

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