The Saga Continues: Shannon Price Wants It All!

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There is very little defense anyone in their right mind could offer for a woman who has already provided more circumstantial evidence for a  possible criminal prosecution of Shannon Price.

According to a probate court filing, Shannon Price has filed a new will of Gary Coleman’s in a Utah court which appoints her as the sole heir of his estate.

The hand-written document was dated only a week after the pair married and signed everything over to Price upon the actor’s death, reports People.

“This I have done because of my own personal selfishness and weakness and I love her with all my heart,” Coleman wrote.

If validated, the will would leave Price in possession of property, cars, bank accounts and other earnings in addition to “model trains, toys [and] games”.

A  Utah probate judge has postponed the case until June 14, when a decision will be made as to which presented will is valid.

Let’s just hope that the judge look at all the evidence in its entirety and invalidate this purported will Shannon Price has presented to the court and instead recommend she be prosecuted for murder.


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