The Splash Seen Around The World

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Basketball-Wives-Eric-Throws-Drink-JenniferThe Splash Seen Around The World

If anyone missed the finale of Basketball Wives you missed a big splash. The last episode mainly focused on the divorce party Jennifer Williams had been talking about all season. The green eyed beauty held a intimate bash with her closet girlfriends and a few others including Will the man she met through Al Reynolds.

The party was a success, complete with a cake featuring Jen holding ex husband Eric Williams head on a platter while his body lay at the bottom of the level. The climax of the gathering was a piñata shaped like her ex that was filled with condoms, candy and money.

As the show came to an end Jennifer decided to meet up with Eric to have a few last words about their parting. But of course it quickly turned into a diss session and just as Eric walks away Jen throws a glass towards him. He then returns to her end of the table right in her face, and tells her to “be careful.” Before she can respond he grabs her martini and tosses it in her face, and walks away. She’s quick to retort but is swayed to stop by a production member.

This moment caused an up roar of jokes and disses at Eric Williams on Twitter he’s now a trending topic. Check the video!

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