The Truth Shall Set You Free!!! 60 Yr Old Woman Comes Clean After Helping to Convict Innocent Men..

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Penny Cameron

Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to introduce you to 60 year old Penny Cameron. Penny helped in the wrongful conviction of two men which would send them to prison for murder. Back in 1991, Penny lied on the stands when testifying against Carlos Morillo and José Garcia who were accused of being involved in the fatal shooting of a drug dealer outside her home in Bronx, NY.

Twenty years, one confession and a cancer diagnoses later, Penny reveals to the New York Post,  that she lied in an attempt to clear the name of her troubled 14 year old son.  By saving her son’s life she took away 14 years of Jose Garcia’s life who was released from prison in 2007 thanks to his girlfriend who was able to convince authorities, with government documentation, that he was in the Dominican Republic at the time of the shooting.

Unfortunately, Carlos Morillo was not as lucky.  After serving a full twenty years behind bars, Morillo who is now 49 was just released thanks to his lawyer Ramon Pagan and a sympathetic judge.  Pagan says that his client will pursue a lawsuit against the city.  Garcia’s lawyer was very vocal in his resentment for authorities in their sloppy handling of the case.

“Every day of my life, I thought about them. I was serving time with them,” the 60-year-old woman told The Post.  Feel free to collectively insert your *side-eyes* and “b*tch please” comments at will!

Over the years, an accumulation of guilt overcame Cameron combined with deteriorating health which led to post-traumatic-stress syndrome, two strokes, heart disease, diabetics and finally breast cancer, that has spread to her uterus.  What do you think? Is Penny Cameron finally getting the death sentence that she deserves for lying?

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