Chief Keef Sued For Child Support By A 6th Grader (SMDH)

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Keith Cozart better known to the rap world as Chief Keef can’t catch a break! First his debut album, “Finally Rich” debuted to a disappointing 55k copies sold, then a judge violates his probation sending him back to jail for 60 days. What could happen next? Well, a middle school student in Illinois has the answer to that.

A female student in Illinois is suing Keef over allegations the seventeen-year-old fathered a child with her two years ago and has yet to pay child support.

The girl, who is currently attending middle school in the Chicago area, claims Keef is the father of her two-year-old son, and that she and Keef were together when the rapper was fifteen. The age of the girl has not been released, but being a middle school student tells us the girl could have been in sixth grade or at most eighth grade at the time of the pregnancy.

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It is considered a misdemeanor in the state of Illinois for two people under the age of seventeen to have sex, even if they are in a consensual relationship. When both parties are between nine and seventeen-years-old, the older person commits a crime referred to by law as “criminal sexual abuse.” Punishment for such a crime can result in up a year of jail time and being required to register as a sex offender, but many sources are saying that likely will not be the case this time around. The girl’s parents have to choose to go after Keef, and at this time there is no information suggesting that to be the case.

The girl is reportedly seeking an undisclosed amount of child support, including health insurance and other medical expenses. No official statements have been released by either side.

This should give Keef something to think about while he finishes up his jail sentence. Speaking of his jail sentence, check out what really happened to Keef that day.

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