They’re Fighting: Rapper Lil Scrappy Puts His “paws” on Producer Stevie J (photos & video inside)

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Last night’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta left viewers wondering would Scrappy leave his girlfriend Erica to hook up with former reality star and video vixen Shay Johnson. It was clear that there was some type of chemistry between the two however Scrappy must first decide what he will do with his shaky relationship with Erica.

The highlight of the show was when rapper Scrappy decided he wanted to address producer Stevie J for disrespecting his girlfriend Erica.

“Did you know that this was my baby momma? Cause I don’t know you, only time I ever heard of you was the VH1 ‘Behind the Scenes’ with Eve,” said Scrappy.

Scrappy speaks with Hot 107.9’s ET about the Alleged Fight
Of course Joseline had to put her two cents into the situation by telling Scrappy that she felt Stevie J once had sex with Erica—while Erica vehemently denied it, Stevie J didn’t sound too certain that he didn’t sleep with her. How does a man not know if he sleep with a woman is beyond me unless he was drunk of course.

Even though Stevie J apologized to Erica, Scrappy wanted to make sure the producer understood what would be the ramifications of his disrespect. Once Lil Scrappy threw the first punch, all hell broke loose as the two spent about three minutes on the ground hugging each other until the show’s producers decided to break things up.

Hip Hop Weekly’s Benzino made a special appearance on the show and who knew he possessed Dr. Phil like characteristics? Stevie J sought his advice about how to mend his relationship with Mimi but from the looks of things, she doesn’t want to get back with him plus Stevie’s and Joseline’s relationship looks more affectionate even though he convinced her to have an abortion.

Shay Johnson / Photo credit: Dennis Byron (c) 2012

Episode 4 was probably the most hilarious of the season and hopefully we can see more of Shay “Buckeey” Johnson as her appearance brought a interesting twist to the show.

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