This is Some BS!! GQ Mag Lists @MichelleObama On “Least Influential People of 2012” List??

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Yes, you read that right. Instead of First Lady, Michelle Obama landing a spot on GQ’s Most Influential List, she has somehow ended up on their “Least Influential People of 2012” list along with the likes of Mitt Romney, George Zimmerman, Dwight Howard and the remnants of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

GQ claims that Mrs. Obama made the list because the nation seemed to ignore her “Get Fit initiative” saying:

It was a game effort by the first lady to get Americans to eat healthier. She founded the “Let’s Move!” campaign to get our children to contemplate forward locomotion. She even wrote a book about growing her own vegetables, which many people bought as a passive-aggressive way of telling someone they’re fat. And yet we’re still all hopeless corpulent shits. You tried, Mrs. Obama. You really did. Sorry we’re such poor listeners.

Although the First Lady’s Get Fit Initiative may not have taken off the way she hopes, we still seriously doubt that she was one of the least influential people of the year.

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