Those Dirty Rats! Poison Found in Rikers Island Food That Got 19 People Sick

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19 inmates are suing the New York City Department of Correction after they ate meatloaf that was laden with rat poison in a Rikers Island prison.

The lawyers for the inmates says that laboratory test have confirmed that the food was laced with with rat poison. A sample of the meatloaf, which had blue and green pellets in it, was provided by one of the plaintiffs and was tested at EMSL Analytical in New Jersey where it was discovered to have Brodifacoum, an anti-coagulant found in rodenticide.

A city source says that it is premature to draw any conclusions from test results provided by samples from inmates that has not been analyzed and verified by the city. The Department of Corrections is conducting their own investigation by having their own test done by an outside lab because the Department of Health was not equipped to handle the test.

Inmates were suffering from nausea, bleeding, diarrhea, and vomiting after eating the meatloaf on March 3 at Anna M. Kross jail. Joanne Squilling, the lawyer representing the inmates, filed a lawsuit in Brooklyn Federal Court saying that the inmates were not provided with proper medical treatment.

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