Remembering Malcolm X – University of California Berkeley Interview Oct. 11, 1963

| December 27, 2013

This interview is a clear depiction of why Malcolm X was and still is so influential to the black community. In this interview Malcolm X is asked several questions about the goals and strategies of the Nation of Islam. He states that “the charge of violence against us actually steams from the guilt complex that exists in the conscious and unconscious mind of most white people in this country.” This is an interesting point-of-view; this would be the only way for white people to remove blame from themselves and place it upon someone else who is of color according to Malcolm X.

Strategically, if the “white man”wanted to escape or make their brutality against African Americans a thing of the past, attacking the Nation of Islam would be “killing two birds with one stone.” Today, because of “Negros” or African Americans being well educated, forming their own opinions, and coming to their own conclusions they have an opportunity to analyze the whole story rather than being told a story.

It is intriguing to hear his opinion on friendship between blacks and whites. He states “I think they’re many whites who act friendly towards Negros, a fox acts friendly towards the lamb and usually ends up with the lamb chop on his plate.”

Malcolm X also speaks on the change in climate when Negros began to follow the Nation of Islam and not so much other black nationalists “atmospheric conditions bring about a seasonal change…political, social, and economic conditions have caused the Negros minds to become more fertile to the seed of truth. Black people now identify themselves with the black world and struggle as opposed to the white world.”

It is strongly advised that you watch the full interview to formulate your own opinion and compare and contrast the negro or African American struggle from 1963 vs 2013 moving into 2014.

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